I need an apartment, how does YOUNIQ work?

YOUNIQ, is that something for me?
You are enrolled at a university? Are you a trainee? Are you temporarily in town for a project? Then you are exactly right with us!

How do I rent an apartment?
Call us or send us a booking request via our website. It's as simple as that!

Which documents do I need for the booking?
Please fill out the interest form (can be found on the website). In addition send us the copy of your identity card / passport, a recent passport photo, the enrollment certificate or your first semester admission, the confirmation of a liability insurance and salary / income certificates of the last three months of you or your parents (in case they will be your guarantor).

What is a guarantor?
In the case of a guarantee, your parents or a third person agree to take on the rental debt if you can no longer cover your costs. It is for our safety, in case of irregularities.

How much is the bail-out?
Depending on the location, the deposit varies between two and three rents. We will give you all the details once we have your booking request.

What is the admission fee?
The 480.00 € admission fee is due before the rental period and is for your use of the community rooms and the residence service on site.

How do I pay?
The admission fee and the deposit will be due in advance. The rent is paid by direct debit. You or your parents can also transfer the money on a monthly basis.

Will I get a rental debt clearance certificate from you?
Yes, we will issue you a certificate for your new landlord. Please contact your administrator or send your request to service@youniq.de.

How fast can I move in?
Once your signed the rental agreement and you have paid the deposit, your Residence Advisor (RA) will get in touch with you in order to plan your move-in.

Can I visit the apartments in advance and then decide?
We are pleased to show you your new apartment in advance. It is likely that we show you sample apartments. And if your favorite apartment is still available for the planned move-in, then it's yours!

How long is the contract period?
As a rule, the contract duration is 15 months. For an extra charge, you can shorten your stay up to 6 months (we are willing to reduce your admission fee).

When will I get my deposit back?
According to the German case law the deposit will be returned after 6 months. Usually, it won’t take that long.

I am planning to move out. What do I have to do?
Please send us your notice in writing and, if available, also your exmatriculation certificate. With this certificate there is a notice period of three months.

Can I also move out before the expiration of my notice period?
We are always trying to find the best solution for our tenants, but please keep in mind that we have to look into every single case separately. In case we will find a new tenant for you, we will charge a fee of 360.00 €. You will be released from your contract with rental start of the new tenant.

I want to move in. What is important to know?

How can I set up my apartment?
Feel free to make yourself comfortable. There is furniture in the apartment. But you are welcome to bring your personal belongings so that you feel comfortable.

I can only sleep on my mattress. Can I exchange furniture, for example the bed / mattress, for my own bed or mattress?
They are not interchangeable, because these things belong to the fixed equipment and must absolutely stay in the apartment. But you can bring your own bed or mattress. When you return the apartment, the YOUNIQ equipment must be intact and complete.

Color, color, color - I like colors! Can I hang pictures and paint the walls?
Of course you can arrange your apartment. However, on one condition: the apartment must be restored to its original condition when you move out. If not, we have to charge you for the painting work. Please note: it is not allowed to do any structural and technical changes.

Is the kitchen equipped with crockery and cutlery?
No. You have to bring your own dishes.

Dog, cat, mouse – am I allowed to keep an animal?
Dog, cat and reptiles are not allowed. Small animals living in a cage are welcome to move in. And if you like to take care of animals, the local shelters are always happy to for help.

Grandma misses me, is there a telephone connection?
A classic landline connection does not exist. Ask your RA about the possibilities on site, e. g. VoIP or telephone contract.

Where can I park my bike?
You can find bicycle parking spaces in the underground car park or outdoors.

Do I have to register in the new city?
Absolutely! You will receive a confirmation form from us when moving into the apartment. You need this to register in your new place of residence. A little advice: registration offices are likely to be crowded, you should plan accordingly.

You already live in the apartment and you have requests.

Finally semester break. I am planning a great trip but what do I do with my apartment? Can I sublet my room?
In principle, you are not authorized to temporarily sublet your apartment. An exception is offered to students who will join an exchange program for a semester and return to their room after this period. Subleases must be expressly approved by us. Please contact us for more information.

I'm a sociable person. Is it allowed to have friends over?
Absolutely! Friends are like the icing on the cake. But keep in mind, you are responsible for your visitors and you are being asked to treat the other YOUNIQ residents with respect. The noise level should be kept to a minimum during the specified day and night times. Please make sure you stick to the house rules.

Do I have to register for the use of the common areas?
You can use the common areas at any time without registration.

I do not like cleaning. Is there a cleaning service?
Yes. Upon request, our YOUNIQ residence advisor can arrange a cleaning service.

Are there washing machines and dryers?
Yes, you can wash your clothes in the washing lounge. All necessary information are available at notice board in the washing lounge.

Where are the garbage cans and recycling container?
This varies from location to location. All information can be found in the map of the object.

What is YOUNIQ doing for the safety of the residents?
In most buildings there is a camera surveillance in the entrance areas, common areas and underground garages (if available). Our Residence Advisor is on site five days a week. In addition, fire alarms are installed in most buildings and regular maintenance is carried out. This also means that you are not allowed to smoke in the entire building. In front of the entrances and in the outdoor area you can find ashtrays.

I like online shopping. Where and when do I receive my package?
For a trouble free delivery of your orders your packages must be ordered to your name, apartment number and address. If you are not at home, your Residence Advisor (RA) will gladly accept your package. The packages will be issued only at the fixed attendance times of the RAs. The operation hours are published at the information desk. To get your package you have to bring the notification card from the delivery person. There is no acceptance of packages addressed to the RAs office.

Oh no, not that! I broke something.
No worries! Please contact your Residence Advisor. Your liability insurance will take care o fit.

I'm locked from the outside world - my internet is dead, what shall I do?
Please contact your RA. He will help you with troubleshooting. If he/she is not availabe contact our emergency hotline +49 69 247472-777.

Where do I find the office hours of my Residence Advisor?
If you have an issue or need help, your YOUNIQ Residence Advisor (RA) is available on site. Just look at tenant information in the showcase in the lobby for the contact details. If your RA is not available, send him/her an email: service@youniq.de

Panic: I cannot get a hold of my RA. Who do I contact?
Stay calm and dial this phone number in case of an emergency and only in case of an emergency: Tel .: +49 69 247472-777

I have to clarify something with you, what is the postal address?
Send us your mail to
Augustusplatz 9
04109 Leipzig

or email us to service@youniq.de