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Studying, living and enjoying life – simply "All-in” with YOUNIQ!

YOUNIQ offers perfect student apartments - perfectly tailored to your needs. With their sophisticated design and lots of additional features - you can enjoy the true YOUNIQ lifestyle close to your university.

Starting in 2009, YOUNIQ has established a position for itself as the leader in student housing in Germany. Today, more than 2,500 students are part of the YOUNIQ community and have found a home (away) from home.

Our mission: Making your life as a student as easy and as convenient as possible!

And this is the basis of everything we do at YOUNIQ: from the design and the "all-in” concept to the selection of furnishings, provision of shared lounges and careful selection of on-site scouts.

Our vision: Supreme quality and service - so that you can focus on what is truly important. Be YOUNIQ!

You would like to experience YOUNIQ? Select your new home now from more than 2,500 apartments in 8 different university towns or contact us.

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This is what others are saying about YOUNIQ


Lara, age 21, economics student in Munich

“I wanted my own apartment and yet still to have as much contact with other students as possible. And, of course, the accommodation should be affordable and in a good location. I knew that this would not be easy in Munich. I was recommended to contact YOUNIQ and have never regretted that decision – not for a second. I think that all the social areas – first and foremost the fitness and learning lounges - are really cool. This way, I can keep both my body and my brain in shape and I do not have to spend money on gym membership. And this is something that pleases not only me, but also my parents.”


Alexandre, age 23, student teacher at Greifswald University

“The first time I heard of YOUNIQ I thought this is too luxurious and most certainly too expensive. But when I compared the all-in rent with other offers, I quickly realised: I can afford it. And now I am so happy whenever I come home because the “luxury” is primarily very convenient and I really enjoy having my own four walls. Plus, if there is a problem, I just contact our Scout and he will take care of it.”


Hannah, age 22, life sciences student in Frankfurt am Main

“I want to be able to focus on my studies and, at the same time, get to know new people – also outside my courses. In addition, I need a big desk and, first and foremost, fast internet access. I am absolutely happy that I have found YOUNIQ on the internet – because here I get all this (and much more!) at a fair price. Whether I would recommend YOUNIQ? Yes, of course. Definitely! – And, by the way, so would my parents.”

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